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A.Win Music is a management and consulting firm which helps musicians and rising talent discover a new audience, develop their sound, and establish a profitable position within the market. A.Win provides the experience, resources, and support needed to establish a musician in today’s market.

A.Win Music Logo

I recently worked with Annie Nguyen to help her design, develop, launch, and market the A.Win brand and business. It was my job to not only design the brands foundation and assets but also develop it’s digital presence in order to help capture and recruit new talent. The first step was revamping the A.Win Music logo and card.

A.Win Business Card

The majority of A.Win Music’s interaction and recruiting initially happens online via various social channels. With the brands logo established, it was important that I provide A.Win Music with a short form video content that could easily be shared across various channels. Short form video content has proven itself to be effective.

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