Boarding Pass

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Annie has been a long time client and she recently wanted to update the design of her company business cards. Being the unique individual that she is, Annie wanted to go with a vertical layout instead of the typical horizontal layout almost all business cards use. Annie generally specifies her need to me and then allows me the creative freedom to experiment and then present ideas I feel will work best for her.

A.Win Airline BC Preview 02B

With that said, I wanted to give Annie a design that would almost be a conversation piece in itself whenever it is physically handed off to another person. The boarding pass concept by Pete Smart came to mind. In 2015, Pete redesigned the airline boarding pass and it made headlines across the internet.

What if I carried over the boarding pass concept to the business card ? After all, Annie is a frequent traveler and she specifically asked for a vertical layout. I thought to myself, this would work well. As someone who who often deals with the music industry I can say I see business cards all the time. Now a business card that looks like an airline boarding pass is not something you see everyday. With a concept in mind, it was time to get to work.

AWIN BC Plan 00

AWIN BC Plan 01

AWIN BC Plan 02

A.Win Airline BC Preview 02B

A.Win Airline BC Preview B